Sports Injuries

Physical therapy for sports injuries is focusing on injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of a physically active person.

Preventing Injury

Sports physical therapy assists athletic people in preventing injuries. We do this by performing pre-participation screens and recommendations on what equipment they should be using. We will also recommend fitness programs designed to help them return to their former level of activity safely should an injury occur.

Evaluating An Injury

Physical therapists are specifically trained to evaluate active injuries. Whether it is a post-surgical or non-surgical injury we are skilled in assessing the injury and making a plan to return to pre-injury activity.


Treatment of a sports injury includes developing a treatment plan and then implementing that plan while taking a team approach with the patients primary care physician and/or specialist. The program is specifically designed for each individuals particular injury. The goal of each treatment is to get the patient back to their active lifestyle while allowing a safe pace of recovery.

Performance Enhancing

Our physical therapists will assist the athletic patient by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses to determine a plan for a regime of performance enhancing training. Re-evaluating the progress from time to time allows the therapist to tweak the program to allow the utmost accomplishment of their goals.

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