Physical Therapy Before a Procedure

Should You Do Physical Therapy Before A Procedure?


Should you do physical therapy before a procedure (Prehab) like a hip or knee replacement or after being diagnosed with cancer? Starting the education and process of healing can cause you to go into the ordeal with greater sense of strength and a readiness to fight towards a greater quality of life after the procedure. 

If somebody who has cancer or is need of a hip or knee replacement hears  that they need to start exercising, this may come off as a daunting task. Normally people think that they should be resting. One may assume that when someone is talking about exercise that they mean running and lifting weights while working up a sweat. Instead, physical therapy prior to a procedure can help stop the decline of your physical abilities and increase the quality of life during and after the surgery or procedure. 

Visiting Allied Physical Therapy prior to your surgery or procedure would allow a physical therapist to:

  • Monitor you while you exercise
  • Slowly increase your level of activity
  • Build strength
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Prepare you for treatment after discharge

Whether you are preparing for a cancer or cardiac procedure or a joint replacement, our physical therapists will safely help you get strong enough for surgery while also helping you towards a shorter recovery time. Weeks after the surgery or procedure you will return to physical therapy weeks ahead of where you may have been without performing prior physical therapy treatment before the procedure. 

Call Allied Physical Therapy today to speak to a Physical Therapist who will specifically design a customized program for your particular procedure. 


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